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Minibus from Birmingham Airport offers its incredible transportation service on all airports, sea ports and train station. You can grab 20% discount on all online bookings and plenty of cheap minicab offers are awaiting for you.

Destination Place

Mini Bus Price

Birmingham to Birmingham Airport £25
Birmingham to Eastmidland Airport £70
Birmingham to Manchester Airport £135
Birmingham to Luton Airport £150
Birmingham to Heathrow Airport £175
Birmingham to Gatwick Airport £235

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    11 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    Book any of our 11 Seater minibus and get 20% off on all bookings over 15 miles.

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    14 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    You can book our 14 Seater minibus to get 20% discount on all bookings.

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    16 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    You can contact us to book our 16 Seater and get 20% off on bookings over 15 miles.

  • 04

    24 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    Feel free to contact us and book our 24 Seater minibus. You will also get 20% off an all bookings over 15 miles.

  • 05

    36 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    You can book any of our 36 Seater minibus and get 20% off on all bookings.

  • 06

    49 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    We are offering 20% discount on booking our 49 Seater minibus.

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    72 Seater Mini Bus Hire Offer

    By booking our 72 Seater minibus, you can avail 20% discount on all bookings over 15 miles. You can also contact us to hire a minibus with driver, so what are you waiting for?

Our team will meet you before the flight and make arrangements accordingly and most importantly, we don’t charge additional amount for any flight delay.
We don’t mind accepting full contract work from schools, hotels, airlines, travel agencies and all several other businesses.
We are always willing to accept jobs for education trips, always feel free to contact us to discuss the process and special discounted rates. We provide unbelievable discounted offers of minibus in UK to students and all regular customers. So, if you want to save a great amount of time and money, book a taxi with us.
We provide child seats and wheel chair access vehciles. All drivers are experienced and qualified by Birmingham city council. All customers will receive a booking confirmation after they have completed the booking. Major cars is amongst the leading Taxi, Minibus & Coach Hire provider in the UK. Our fleet of vehicles allows us to cover all UK towns, cities and airports. Our endeavour is to provide you the highest quality of Taxi Service at the most affordable prices. We provide exclusive deals for all our corporate partners. Please call us on the numbers below and we would be more than happy to assist you with your corporate partnership with our company.